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Updated and revised for 2022! Veteran performer, theater educator, director, audition coach, parent, and survivor of the college performing arts audition process shares insights, tips, and resources to help make the college audition experience as smooth as possible for students, parents and teachers. A must-read for anyone pursuing acceptance into an acting or musical theatre degree program, or an adult supporting a student who's doing so. Suzanne includes first-hand accounts, industry perspectives, and insightful encouragement. Exclusive Action Items are designated within each chapter identifying must do's for each step of the process.
One of the few books geared toward performing artists that outlines every step of the college application process, this guidebook takes applicants from start to finish. Topics include selecting a major, completing college applications and supplemental applications, filming pre-screens, preparing auditions, maximizing financial aid and more. Plus, readers gain access to valuable resources found on the author's website,, the source for the most comprehensive online list of acting and musical theatre programs.

College Audition Survival Guide book
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