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Our visit to Florida State University was an informative and eye-opening one. Firstly, the "wait to visit until you get in" option wasn't really and option due to the fact that we pretty much had to make the audition fit into the crazy 6 weeks we'd carefully planned to hit all of the viable schools. I grew up in Florida, and visited the campus at least 4 times in my life. But, I didn't remember what the actual campus looked like and, of course, you're not really looking at a campus until you're looking for your kid. It's gorgeous, even on the rainy, dreary day of our visit. Florida is so tropical, which is why my daughter would love to be up north. FSU is far enough north that we actually saw fallen leaves, rolling hills, and different critters than those found in central or south Florida. One trek across campus, and my daughter fell in love.

One of the aspects I LOVED about this school was the Q & A with their Manager of the Theater Department. She was honest and frank--something I love. As a top 15 BFA MT school, their perspective is important. She shared how the process has changed in the last 5 years and that all the top schools accept the same 20 kids. I believe it. The odds are 1 in 90.

So, now we have the "OhmygoshIlovethatplace" thing to contend with as we wait on results.

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