Depending on where you look, there are many "lists". The reality is, performers from any school, degree area or those with no post-baccalaureate training at all have made it and do make it on Broadway and in the world of musical theatre.


I've pulled some of this information from Jennifer John's Broadway Artists Alliance resource. Jennifer is a fellow Stetson University Musical Theatre undergrad from the short-lived B.M. they offered in the late '80s/early '90s. I've attempted to link these directly to the school's specific pages and they are broken down into Top or Highly Selective Programs, Honorable Mentions, Programs You Should Consider, and Other Theater Degrees.

Happy hunting!

* = Playbill's Top MT programs on Broadway (2019)

+ = OnStage Blog's Top MT programs for 2018-2019 or 2019-2020




These programs tend to repeatedly make it onto one of the many "Top schools for musical theatre" lists and have a solid reputation in the industry.

Baldwin-Wallace University + (Berea, Ohio)

Carnegie-Mellon University *+ (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)

Elon University (Elon, North Carolina)

Emerson College (Boston, Massachusetts)

Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida)

Indiana University at Bloomington (Bloomington, Indiana)

Juilliard * (BFA Acting, Music, Dance) NO degree in Musical Theatre

Montclair State University + (Montclair, New Jersey)

New York University, New Studio on Broadway *+ (NYC)

New York University, Steinhardt School of Education * (NYC)

Oklahoma City University * (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Pace University + (NYC)

Pennsylvania State University + (College Park, Pennsylvania)

Point Park University *+ (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)

Shenandoah Conservatory + (Winchester, Virginia)

Texas State University + (San Marcos, Texas)

University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music “CCM” *+ (Cincinnati, Ohio)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor *+ (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

University of the Arts (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Webster University (St. Louis, Missouri)

AMDA *+ New York/Los Angeles (Conservatory 2-year & B.F.A. Musical Theatre)

Boston Conservatory *+ Massachusetts (B.F.A Musical Theatre)

Coastal Carolina University+South Carolina (B.F.A. Musical Theatre; B.F.A. Acting, B.A. Theatre Arts)

Fordham University (BA Acting Performance Major, Directing Major)

Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois (B.F.A. Musical Theatre; B.F.A. Acting; B.A. Theatre Arts)

Ithaca College New York (B.F.A. Musical Theatre; B.F.A. Theatre)

Kent State University + Ohio (B.F.A. Musical Theatre)

Marymount Manhattan College + New York (B.F.A. in MT; Acting, B.A. Theater Arts, Dance)

Northwestern University * (B.A. Theatre, B.Mus. Music, MT certificate, audition end of freshman year)

University of Arizona Tucson, AZ (B.F.A. in Musical Theatre, B.A. Theatre Arts)

University of California, Irvine  California (B.A. Drama, B.F.A. Musical Theatre; B.F.A. Acting)

University of Hartford, The Hartt School Connecticut (B.F.A. Musical Theatre, B.F.A. Actor Training, Dance, B.A. Music, B.Mus. Vocal Performance)

University of Miami + Florida (B.F.A .Musical Theatre, B.F.A. Acting, B.A .Theatre Arts)

University of North Carolina School of the Arts * Winston Salem, NC (B.F.A. Theater, Musical Theatre classes offered)

University of Oklahoma + Norman, OK (B.F.A. Musical Theatre; B.F.A. Acting)

Syracuse University + New York (B.F.A. Musical Theatre; B.F.A. Acting)

Texas Christian University + Texas (B.F.A. Musical Theatre)

Viterbo University + Wisconsin (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Wright State University + Ohio (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Yale University + (B.A.- Theatre Studies, B.A. Music)



American University (B.A. in MT/A)

Arizona State University (B.A. in Acting/Theatre, B.Mus. in MT)

Ball State University  Ohio (B.F.A. in MT/A/D)

Belmont University - Tennessee (B.Mus. and B.F.A.- MT/A, Heavy emphasis on Voice Programs)

Boston University - Massachusetts (B.F.A. in A/Theater Arts, B.A. in Music)

Brandeis University (B.A. Theater Arts, Musical Theater track)

Brigham Young University (B.F.A., Music, Dance, and Theater)

California State University, Fullerton - California (B.A. in A, audition for freshman; B.F.A. in MT, audition at end of sophomore year)

Catawba College North Carolina (B.F.A., B.A.)

Catholic University (B.Mus. in MT, B.A. in Acting)

DePaul University - Illinois (B.F.A. w multiple tracks of focus)

Fairleigh Dickinson University (B.A. w/ concentrations in MT, A, Music minor available)

Hofstra University - New York (B.A. in Drama, B.F.A. Theatre Performance, Musical Theater minor, audition at end of sophomore year)

James Madison University (B.A. in MT/A and BM)

Kean University - New Jersey (B.F.A. in Performance, B.A. Theatre)

Long Island University + New York (BFA in Theatre Arts; MT concentration)

Manhattan School of Music - New York (B.Mus. in MT)

Manhattanville College (B.A. Music, Musical Theatre concentration, B.A. in Theater Arts)

Millikin University - Illinois (B.F.A.)

Molloy College + New York (B.F.A., new partnership with Cap 21)

Muhlenberg College (B.A. Theater, B.A. Music, B.A. Dance, can double major, audition is optional)

Nebraska Wesleyan + Nebraska (B.F.A., audition for scholarships)

Otterbein College Ohio (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Roosevelt University - Chicago, IL (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Rutgers University (Camden- B.A. in Theater) (New Brunswick- B.F.A. in Acting, B.A.)

Savannah College of Art/Design "SCAD" - Georgia (B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Performing Arts)

Seton Hall University (B.A. Theater, Musical Theater emphasis)

Shorter University - Georgia (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Southeast Missouri State Missouri (B.F.A.)

SUNY, Buffalo - New York (B.F.A. in MT/A/D, B.A. in Theater/D)

SUNY, Fredonia New York (B.F.A. in MT)

Stephens College - Missouri (B.F.A., audition at end of freshman year)

Temple University (B.A. Theater, Musical Theater emphasis/concentration)

Tulane University - Louisiana (B.F.A. in MT through Music department, BA in Acting

University of Alabama (B.A. MT Concentration; B.A. Theatre; B.F.A. Theatre)

University of Alabama at Birmingham (B.F.A Musical Theatre; B.A. Theatre)

University of California, Irvine (B.F.A. in MT; B.A. Drama)

University of California, Los Angeles “UCLA” (B.A. in Acting)

University of Central Florida - Florida (B.F.A., MT, A, BA-Music)

University of Memphis - Tennessee (B.F.A. Theater Performance, Musical Theater emphasis)

University of Missouri, Kansas City (B.A. Music, Theater concentration)

University of Northern Colorado (B.A. in MT/A)

University of Southern California (B.F.A. Acting for Stage, Screen & New Media, Contemporary Musical Theater)

University of Colorado at Boulder (B.F.A. in MT and Performance, BA in Theater)

Western Michigan University - Kalamazoo, MI (B.F.A. in MT Performance)

Westminster College of the Arts at Rider University - New Jersey (B.F.A.)

Valdosta State UniversityGeorgia (B.F.A.)

Other BFA Programs (Musical Theatre & Acting)

Abilene Christian University - Texas (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Adelphi University - New York (B.F.A.- Theater)
Auburn University - Alabama (B.F.A. in Theater, MT Curriculum)

Avila University - Missouri (B.F.A. in MT, Acting; BA Theater)

Brenau University - Georgia (B.F.A., audition for scholarships)

Central Michigan University - Michigan (B.F.A.)

Clarion University of Pennsylvania (B.F.A., audition at end of freshman or beginning of sophomore year)

Chapman University - California (B.F.A. in Acting/ Film&TV)

Central Washington University - Washington (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Coastal Carolina University - South Carolina (B.F.A. in MT/A, B.A. in Theater Arts) (16 students/year)

Coker College - South Carolina (B.F.A. in MT)

Columbia College - Illinois (B.A./B.F.A. in MT/A)

Cornish College of the Arts - New York (B.F.A. Performing Arts, Musical Theatre emphasis; affiliated with NYCDA)

Culver Stockton College - Missouri (B.F.A.)

Drake University - Iowa (B.F.A.)

Emory & Henry College Virginia (B.F.A. Acting, Directing, MT, Theatre) 

Five Towns College - New York (B.F.A., concentrations in Performance, Musical Theatre, or Music Business)

Florida Southern CollegeFlorida (B.F.A. in MT, Performance)

East Carolina University - North Carolina (B.F.A., audition at end of freshman year)

Lees-McCrae College - North Carolina (B.F.A., audition at end of freshman year)

Howard University - Washington D.C. (B.F.A. in MT/A/D)

Jacksonville University - Florida (B.F.A., B.M., B.S., B.A.)

Liberty University - Lynchburg, VA (B.F.A. in MT)

Limestone College - South Carolina (B.F.A. in MT)

Lindenwood University - Missouri (B.F.A.)

Marietta College - Ohio (B.F.A., B.A.)

Mars Hill University - North Carolina (B.F.A.)

Metropolitan State College of Denver - Colorado (B.F.A., audition once accepted to the college)

Missouri Valley College - Missouri (B.F.A.)

The New School - New York (B.F.A., B.A.)
New World School of the Arts - Florida (A.A. and B.F.A. in MT and Theatre)

Northern Kentucky University - Kentucky (B.F.A.)

Oakland University - Michigan (B.F.A. in MT/A/D, B.A. in Theatre)

Ohio Northern University - Ohio (B.F.A.)

Plymouth State University - New Hampshire (B.F.A. in MT/A)
Tulane University - Louisiana (B.F.A. in MT through Music department, B.A. in Acting)

Rider University - New Jersey (B.F.A. in MT/A, B.A. Theatre Arts)
Rockford College - Illinois (B.F.A.)

University of South Dakota - South Dakota (B.F.A.)

Sam Houston State University - Texas (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Southern Illinois - Illinois (B.F.A.)

Southern Oregon University - Oregon (B.F.A. Theater, Musical Theatre minor)

Southern Utah UniversityUtah (B.F.A. Theater, Musical Theatre emphasis)

Southwestern University - Texas (B.F.A. Theater, Musical Theatre concentration)

Stephens College - Missouri (B.F.A., audition at end of freshman year)

Southern Illinois Univ, Carbondale - Illinois (B.F.A.)

University of Colorado at Denver (B.F.A. in Theater/ Film & TV, B.A. in Theatre)

University of Florida (B.F.A., B.A., B.M.)

University of Idaho (B.F.A.)

University of Kansas (B.F.A. Theater and Voice, through Music)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (B.F.A. and B.A. in Acting)

University of Michigan, Flint (B.F.A. in Acting)

University of Minnesota, Duluth - Minnesota (B.F.A. in MT/A, audition at end of freshman year)

University of Mississippi - Mississippi (B.F.A. Acting; B.A. Theatre Arts)

University of Nebraska at Kearney - Nebraska (B.F.A., through Music department)

University of North Dakota - North Dakota (B.F.A. in Musical Theatre)

University of Southern Mississippi - Mississippi (B.F.A. Theater, Musical Theatre “Professional Training” option, audition for scholarships)

University of South Alabama - Alabama (B.F.A.) (non-audition)

University of Tampa - Florida (B.F.A. in MT and B.A. in M)

University of Texas at El Paso - Texas (B.F.A. in MT/A)

University of Utah - Utah (B.F.A. in MT/A)

University of West Florida - Florida (B.F.A., B.A. audition at end of Freshman year)

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (B.F.A. in MT)

University of Wyoming (B.F.A.)

Western Carolina University - North Carolina (B.F.A. and B.M.)

Western Illinois University - Illinois (B.F.A. in MT, B.A. in A)

Western Kentucky University - Kentucky (B.F.A.)

Wichita State University - Kansas (B.F.A. in MT/A)

Virginia Commonwealth University - Virginia (B.F.A. in Performance)

Youngstown State University - Virginia (B.F.A. in MT)


Other Programs: B.A. and others

Adrian College (B.A.)
Ashland University (B.A. Theatre, Musical Theatre concentration)
Barter Conservatory at Emory and Henry College (B.A., Musical Theatre “pre-professional” track)
Belmont University (B.Mus. and B.F.A.- MT/A, Heavy emphasis on Voice Programs)
Birmingham-Southern College (B.A., audition at the end of sophomore year)
Boston College (Theatre Program in a Liberal Arts Setting)
Bowling Green State University (B.A. Communications, Musical Theatre concentration)
Brown University (B.A. in Theatre Arts)
California State University, Chico (B.A. in MT/A)
California State University, Northridge (B.A. Theatre, Musical Theatre minor)
Carthage College (B.A. Music)
Christopher Newport University (B.A. Theatre, Musical Theatre track)
Colgate University (B.A. in Theatre Major/Minor)
College of William and Mary (B.A. in Theatre)
Columbia University/ Barnard College (B.A. in Acting and B.A. in Theatre Arts)
Dartmouth College (B.A. in Theatre, declare major in sophomore year) Eastern
DeSales University (B.A., Audition only for scholarships)Drew University (B.A. in Theatre Arts)
Duke University (B.A. in Theatre Studies)
Friends University (B.A.)
Fordham University (B.A. in Acting Performance Major, Directing Major)
Goucher College (B.A. in Theatre)
Harvard University/ Harvard College (B.A. in Theatre Arts, Acting)
Heidelberg University (B.A./B.S. Theatre, Musical Theatre emphasis)
Illinois State University (B.A.)
James Madison University (B.A. in MT/A and B.M.)
Johnson State College (B.A.)
Loyola Marymount University (B.A. in Acting)
Marywood University (B.A.)
Meredith College (B.A.)
Michigan State University (B.A. in Theatre)
Michigan University (B.A./B.S. in Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre minor)
Nazareth College (B.A. in Theatre Arts)
Northeastern University (B.Mus., Musical Theatre minor)
Notre Dame de Namur University (B.A. in MT/A)
North Central College (B.A., audition for scholarships)

Northern State University (B.A.)
Northwestern State University (B.S. Theatre, Musical Th performance conc.)
Ouachita Baptist University (B.Mus.)

Palm Beach Atlantic University (B.A.)
Pepperdine University (B.A. in MT/A)
Princeton University  New Jersey (B.A. in Acting and Theatre Arts)
Redlands University (B.A. in MT/A)
Rhode Island College (B.A. Theatre, Musical Theatre concentration)
Rollins College (B.A. Theatre, Musical Theatre concentration)
Rowan University (B.A. in Theatre)
Russell Sage College with NYSTI (B.S.)
Rutgers University (Camden- B.A. in Theatre) (New Brunswick- B.F.A. in Acting, B.A.)
St. Edward’s University (B.A., Musical Theatre concentration, audition for scholarships)
Samford University (B.A.)
Santa Clara University (B.A. in Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre conc., minor)
Seton Hall University (B.A. in Acting/Theatre Studies)
SUNY, Cortland (B.A., Musical Theatre minor)
SUNY, Geneseo (B.A. in Theatre)
SUNY, Purchase (B.F.A. in Acting, B.A. in Theatre Studies)
Susquehanna University (B.A. Theatre, Musical Theatre emphasis)
Towson University (B.A. or B.S. in Theatre Arts)
University of Akron (B.A.)
University of California, Berkeley (B.A. Acting/ Theatre Studies)
University of California, Davis (B.A. in Theatre/Dance/Music)
University of Denver (B.A. in Theatre and minor)
University of Maryland, College Park (B.A. in Theatre)
University of Missouri, Kansas City (B.A. Music, Theatre concentration) 
University of Mobile (B.M.) University of Nevada, Las Vegas (B.A.)
University of Nevada, Reno (B.A. in Theatre, B.F.A. in Performance)
University of New Hampshire (B.A. in Acting, Musical Theatre minor)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (B.A. in Drama, B.M.)
University of North Carolina at Pembroke (B.Mus.)
University of Pennsylvania (B.A. Theatre Arts)
University of Puget Sound (B.A. Theatre)
University of Richmond (B.A. in Theatre Arts)
University of Southern Maine (B.Mus.)
University of Texas at Arlington (B.M. in MT)
University of Virginia (B.A. in Drama)
University of Washington (Seattle) (B.A. in MT/A)
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay (B.A. in MT/A)
Vassar College (Drama Major, Dance Concentration)
Wagner College (B.A. in MT/A)
Weber State University (B.A. or B.S. in Theatre Arts)
West Chester University (B.A. Theatre, Musical Theatre emphasis)
Western Connecticut State University (B.A. in Theatre Arts, MT)
West Texas A&M (B.A. in Theatre Arts)
West Virginia Wesleyan College (B.A., Musical Theatre minor)
William Patterson University (B.A., B.Mus. Music)
Wilkes University (B.A.)

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