Long road




I actually am not a fan of blogs. I always thought, in a rather judgy way, "Why do people put their writing out there for people to read when they have no idea if people care about what they have to say?" I don't pretend to be a great or even a good writer. However, I do my best writing when it is something I genuinely care about. I care about getting information into the hands of people who need it. When I began to have breakthroughs during this audition process, I realized my powerpoint was either going to be HOURS long, or I would need to find another way to document what we were learning. I knew there was something in it I could share with my students and their families, many of whom would be going through a similar process roughly one year from now. So, what started as a journal, evolved into a blog, and accompanying website. That's how it started. The first blog post was written while sitting on the floor of Atlanta Ballet at my daughter's first audition. I have no idea how the process will turn out for her, but at the very least, our mistakes might not be yours.