All clothes should flatter and enhance your figure, not detract. Choose colors and silhouettes wisely. Make sure the outfit, shoes, jewelry or lack-of-coverage isn't so much of a statement that it draws focus away from you and your performance. "First date" attire is an easy way to think of what to wear.

Acting only auditions may require more movability and less dressiness. If the requirements aren't clear, don't hesitate to ask.


  • More and more the consensus is shifting to an attitude of "show who you are". I still believe this can mean looking your best and choosing an outfit that's flattering.

  • Great shoes you can walk in and have rehearsed in.

  • Bare legs are fine, but wear nude tights, if your legs need a little color

  • Hair pulled away from your face

  • Makeup looking like you at your best

  • Appropriate undergarments


  • Long sleeve dress shirt in a flattering color. Avoid black or white.

  • Black, navy or khaki dress pants.

  • Loafers, oxfords, bucks or other dressy shoe.

  • Hair out of eyes/face.


Non-dance attire or incorrect shoes are a dead giveaway that you've never had dance training. Attempt to look the part. All clothes should show your body shape and enhance your physique, not detract. A great rule is to accentuate the positive, and diminish the negative. Also, please consider your choice of undergarments a critical part of the look.



  • Leotard in a flattering color.

  • Matching print or black sheer skirt or dance shorts

  • Pink or black tights or black leggings.

  • Hair pulled back, in bun or ponytail

  • Ballet, jazz or character shoes (read audition requirements)​

  • Tap shoes are generally by request only

  • Appropriate undergarments

    • NOTE: Dancers don't wear underwire bras with dance wear. If you need support, invest in a high quality, flattering sports bra.


  • Solid fitted shirt in a flattering color.

  • Black dance pants or fitted sweats

  • Ballet, jazz shoes or jazz sneakers (read audition requirements)​

  • Tap shoes are generally by request only

  • If you don't have any idea what a dance belt is, don't go buy one, but, do wear compression shorts under your garb.

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